Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Gluten-free Peanutbutter Fruit Bar

A gluten-intolerant person's sweet tooth doesn't get to enjoy baked treats. Local bakeries don't bother. Giant commercial bakers foist off a rock-hard lump of sugar mixed with bean or rice flours and label the bag "cookies." Those are not cookies.  Just because you can chew and swallow something doesn't make it edible. Delectable delicious delightful is missing.

In fact, The Gluten-free Chicano has yet to be proved wrong that there is no such food as an edible gluten-free cookie. 

But now, el Gluten-free Chicas Patas has to equivocate just a bite or two, on that categorical denial of gluten-free baked goods, owing to his baking of a delectable, delicious, delightful gluten-free fruit bar.
Mix your ingredients into a heavy paste. Spread on a well-oiled cookie sheet. Pop into your 375º middle rack for 20 minutes.
The delighted experimentist cuts off those raggedy edges to sample the product. Today, the samples are the three "D",  delightful, delectable, delicious with a sip of cold milk.
While warm, the cookie divides easily with the edge of a spatula.
Such a beautiful crumb. The bar remains moist after several days, and most importantly, the bar is a cookie, it's gluten-free, and it's what a Celiac looks for in life, an edible gluten-free cookie.


Gluten-free Peanut Butter Fruit Bars
2 TBS crunchy peanut butter
1 tsp unsalted butter
1 egg
1 cup avena
½ cup rice flour
⅛ cup tapioca flour
⅛ cup almond flour (Pamela's gluten-free pancake mix)
vanilla extract
several shakes of cinnamon
pinch baking powder
pinche salt
¼ cup brown sugar
⅛ cup white sugar (if you like a sweet sweet cookie, add more sugar)
½ cup raisins or more (i might double them next time)
⅓ cup chocolate chips
crema salvadoreña

Cream the peanut butter, egg, vanilla, sugars, baking powder, canela.
Add the Oats.
Add the chocolate.
Stir in the Rice flour.
Stir in the Tapioca flour.
Stir in the Almond flour
Stir in the crema and water as needed to make a gummy paste that flows lugubriously onto the cookie sheet.

I used Pamela's GF pancake mix more for its smidge of Xanthan or Guar gum that imitates gluten. Tapioca does much the same for texture, so Pamela's is an option.

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