Monday, January 23, 2023

The New Oeste: Literatura Latinx of the American West in the 21st Century

Series Editors: León Salvatierra and Daniel A. Olivas

The University of Nevada Press announces a new book series, The New Oeste, which celebrates the outpouring of creative expression by Latinx writers in the American West of the 21st century. In border-breaking literary arts informed by perspectives as distinctive as the American West, the authors in the series explore the artistic, cultural, and intellectual connections between the region’s complicated past and its diverse future. With a commitment to the power of prose and poetry to unite, educate, and enrich, the series editors seek to support projects from unique voices that invite connection and inclusion within the American West. Currently, the editors seek fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction that expand conceptions of the West and its people.

To submit a book proposal to The New Oeste or generally to the University of Nevada Press, follow the guidelines at this link.


And just a reminder that on January 25, 7:00 p.m., I will be a guest of the Friends of the Alameda Free Library to discuss my short-story collection How to Date a Flying Mexican: New and Collected Stories (University of Nevada Press). I will be interviewed by the wonderful poet, León Salvatierra. The event will be streamed live, and you may register now at this link. It helps the event planners if you can register early, so if you have a moment, please do so. We will be discussing many things including the writing life, the creation of this short-story collection, and also preview the forthcoming Spanish translation of How to Date a Flying Mexican which will be released in May. I hope to see you (virtually) there!

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