Sunday, December 16, 2007

Doce días de mis Krismas - Day 10

the Spanglich version
Posted each day, beginning Dec. 15th

(Esa's voice in red; Ese's voice in black)

On the 10th día 'til mis Krismas
My true love gave to me,
10 Fords a-beepin ...

"Get that!"
"It's not for us."
"How can you tell?"
"It's the wrong kind of horn, Esa. It's a Ford."
"None of our amigos have Fords?"
"Our friends aren't real smart, but they're not pendejos."
"What if it's the chotas?"
"In the barrio, the cops don't come a-honkin', they come a-shootin'."
"Right. But what if it is for us?"
"Then you get it."
"Listen, now there's two of 'em. Are they both Fords?"
"Simón, but one's got a bad rod."
"How come you can tell so much from how a car sounds?"
"They tracked me into auto mechanics, remember?"
"But you flunked out."
"Yeah, but I was always paying attention."
"I swear there's 4 or 5 of 'em honking now."
"Six, exactly. And two need valve jobs."
"They're probably checking out the Ramirez's Santa with 8 tiny burros. I told that vieja it would just cause trouble."
"Don't worry. The Migra'll probably get word and round up the burros, too."
"And I suppose they're still all Fords?"
"Not really, Esa. Two are pinche rice burners. Which reminds me, what we gonna have for Krismas?
"Tamales, frijoles, and fideo. The usual."
"Yeah, the usual--what we had Sunday."
"Oh, and maybe some chile."
"Just so it's yours, not your ma--"
"Don't start."
"There must be ten honkers out there now. How come your people ain't smart enough to get out of a car or use a doorbell?"
"I don't know. Why don't you go put a stop to it and show 'em?"
"Esa, I think I will."

(Continued on Day 9)
© Rudy Ch. Garcia

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