Monday, December 24, 2007

Doce días de mis Krismas - Day 2

the Spanglich version
Posted each day beginning Dec. 15th

(Esa's voice in red; Ese's voice in black)

On the 2nd día 'til mis Krismas
My true love gave to me,
2 mortal loves ...

"The presents are all wrapped, tamales are done, frijoles are cookin', we made enough dulces y pan to make chingos of dentistas very rich, and everything else is on its way. Cabrón! I think we're ready."
"Where is everybody?"
"All the cuña'os are down the street throwing snowballs at the burros."
"Qué bueno! You know, the peace sign came out pretty suave. We even got compliments from los vecinos."
"Yeah, that was a good idea, better than your alien elves one."
"How many Krismases will this be?"
"Counting this one, two thousand seven."
"No, that we been together, Esa."
"I don't know, I don't remember."
"That's my line."
"Okay, it's been a lot of Krismases."
" 'Member the one when the kids were little?"
"They were always little, 'til they got big. Which one you mean?"
"When they figured out there was no Santa."
"There isn't?"
"I used to call them 'my little pork butts'. 'Member the year the boy learned to read, saw it on a grocery sign and read it to the girl. They went bien locos!"
"Yeah, that was cute. After that Krismas, they always wanted to help make tamales and open presents early."
"How come they didn't help this year?"
"They moved out, remember? But they'll be here later tonight."
"Oh, yeah, ... moved out."
"I want to open your present while everybody's gone."
"Nah, you gotta wait. Santa's list, 'member?"
"But you peeked at yours!"
"Moi? What makes you think that?"
"The mugre job you did taping it up again."
"But I couldn't wait, mi amor!"
"Neither can I. What's say we check 'em out, rewrap 'em, and act surprised when we open 'em up later?"
"Doesn't that count as naughty? Won't Santa get p-o'd?"
"After all my time en la cocina, I deserve naughty, and I don't know no vato Santa. Quick--I'll get the tape."
"I'll get some cervezas and wait for you ... maybe."

(To be completed Christmas Day.)
© Rudy Ch. Garcia

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Anonymous said...

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