Friday, December 21, 2007

Doce días de mis Krismas - Day 5

the Spanglich version
Posted each day beginning Dec. 15th

(Esa's voice in red; Ese's voice in black)

On the 5th día 'til mis Krismas
My true love gave to me,
5 bronzen things ...

"Now here's something we could really use."
"We're looking for gifts for other people."
"But check it, Esa, it's to make quesadillas."
"We've already got one. It's called a comál."
"But this is high-tech, and it looks suave."
"Where do you put the masa in? Which end's for the cheese?"
"I don't know. I guess you gotta read the instructions."
"What'll they think of next--a tamale opener?"
"I mighta seen one of those in my magazine."
"I didn't think naked cholas could cook. Wouldn't their chichis gigantes get in the way, catch on fire?"
"Nah, silicone don't burn. ... Aw, forget this--this thing costs chingos. What else we gotta get, anyway?"
"Something for your mamá, your Tío Fred and my--"
"I already got mom a big, framed photo of me."
"So she'll remember who's the stranger who's calling?"
"So I forget sometimes."
"Maybe that quesadilla thing comes with a memory attachment?"
"I forgot to look."
"What about your Tío Fred?"
"I got him a subscription--"
"Let me guess--to a car magazine with naked cholas who cook quesadillas?"
"You peeked. Who's last on the list?"
"Mi 'amá. But she's so old, she's always hard to shop for."
"What about a shiny--?"
"High-tech cosa that makes quesadillas!"
"Okay, shopping's done."

(Continued on Day 4.)
© Rudy Ch. Garcia

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