Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doce Días de Mis Krismas - Day 8

the Spanglich version
Posted each day, beginning Dec. 15th

(Esa's voice in red; Ese's voice in black.)

On the 8th día 'til mis Krismas My true love gave to me, 8 shades a-looming ...
"Hijo de su--. Qué es eso?
"Es mi Krismas tree."
"A tree is something in a forest. That's un monstruo off a graffiti wall. Where'd you get it?"
"It was a blue-light special. 10 foot for only 19.99. And I got there just in time. La vieja Ramirez was looking at it."
"Baboso, they saw you coming. And why's it all painted like that?"
"You know those leftover cans o' paint we had out back? I sprayed it--with all of 'em."
"No shit."
"I think it looks suave."
"You thought a pink house would look suave. Now they call us the locos en la casa jota."
"They're just jealous."
"How'd you get it in here, anyway?"
"It came in pieces."
"Then why don't you take it out in pieces? But, use the back door."
"I don't think I can, Esa. I tried unhooking it, but the pipes are all stuck. Too much rust, I guess."
"That ain't all that's rusted. What were you thinking?"
"I was thinking it would make our living room muy Krismasy."
"Krismasy, chismasy.... I don't know… maybe it's not that bad."
"See? It grows on you."
"Just so it don't grow nada más."
"You wanna help me decorate it?"
"I'm 5 foot, remember? It'd take two of me to reach the top."
"Nah, it's pretty strong. I think if you get in the middle there and climb up, I could hand you the stuff."
"Always thinking, huh, Cariño?"
"That's why you married me, qué no?
"No, it was your Ford. I thought I'd look bien chula cruisin' in it."
"And you do, Esa, you always do."

(Continued on Day 7.)
© Rudy Ch. Garcia

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