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Magazine Submissions

Stories for Children Magazine

Stories for Children Magazine is currently in need of the following:

NONFICTION articles for ages 3-6 (no more than 400 words)
NONFICTION articles for ages 7-9 (400 to 800 words)

POETRY - see new Guidelines

We're in particular need for FEBRUARY and MARCH 2008 issues. Please read the Submission Guidelines page before submitting.

SFC is not a themed magazine but if you need a kickstart, check out our Monthly Idea Calendar. We're always short on crafts, recipes, games and puzzles so if you have any tucked away, send them in.

SFC welcomes new writers. This would be a great time for you to submit.


Wendy Dickson
Assistant Submissions Editor
Stories for Children

Iguana Magazine

We are always looking for material in español to publish – fiction, non-fiction, interviews, recipes, poems, photographs, comics, puzzles and more.

Please contact us about submissions at:

[Writer's Guidelines] [Illustrator's Guidelines] [Photographer's Guidelines]


General Guidelines

* We do not accept translations. All submissions must be originally written in Spanish.

* We do not pay persons under the age of fifteen for contributions.

* We hold first time rights and do not consider material previously published.

* We accept queries.

* All materials are paid upon publication.

* All materials can be submitted electronically via email.

* Articles may be edited for length, grammar, and punctuation.

* We publish 6 issues a year. However, all proposals are considered.


* We accept realistic fiction, stories, fantasy, humorous tales, legends, science fiction, fables, myths, mysteries, fairy and folk tales.

* Stories should be 800 words or less.

* Payment is US$0.05 per printed word.


* This section includes biographies / interviews with Latino personalities that have influenced the lives of Latinos in America, art, history, animals, nature, technology, science, geography, and stories about children from other cultures and countries.

* Articles should be 800 words or less.

* References, bibliography, and / or sources of information must be included with submissions.

* Payment is US$0.05 per printed word.

Arts & Crafts

* Article should include clear directions with no more than five steps.

* The project should require common households and inexpensive materials.

* A sample of the finished project should be included with the material.

* The payment is US$25.00 per project.


* It can be serious or humorous.

* It should be no longer than 15 lines.

* Payment is US$15.00 per poem.


* Recipes, puzzles, games, word search, brain teasers, math and word activities.

* Payment will be determined per submission.


* Illustrations, cartoons, comics, drawings, cover illustrations.

* All art work must be submitted digitally, at a minimum of 300dpi at full size, via tif.

* Payment will be determined per submission.


* Photos of children and animals.

* Payment will be determined per submission.

Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones is an award-winning, international, non-profit magazine, now in the 14th year! We celebrate ecological and cultural diversity, facilitates a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences. Young readers of Skipping Stones, ages 8 to 16, hail from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We try our best to make their reading of Skipping Stones an active experience, relevant to issues confronting them locally and globally.

Youth respond to the world through Skipping Stones Magazine...

Skipping Stones readers hail from north, south, east, and west. From villages to inner cities, youth have something to say, about their culture, school, religion, environment, neighborhood... and Skipping Stones provides a forum for sharing it. Any way you choose to express your dreams and opinions, Skipping Stones provides a place for writers and artists of all ages and backgrounds to communicate creatively and openly.

Writings (essays, stories, letters to the editor, riddles and proverbs, etc.) should be typed or neatly handwritten and limited to 750 words and poems to 30 lines. We encourage writings in all languages with an English translation, if possible. And, we love illustrations! Please send originals of your drawings, paintings, or photos. Include your name, age, and address along with your submission.

Ideas for Submissions:

* Cultural or Regional Celebrations: First-hand descriptions (with photos or illustrations)
* Writings accompanied by children's artwork
* Bilingual submissions or writings introducing (using words/phrases from) other languages
* Folktales, hospitality customs, recipes, music, folk art and architecture from around the world
* Living Abroad and Immigration: Your memorable experiences
* Cross-Cultural Communications: Ways we express ourselves through language, proverbs, tales, songs, body language, symbols, etc.
* International Humor: Jokes, funny stories, riddles, games, cross-cultural mix-ups, etc.
* Photo Essays on a country or region
* Families and Community: Getting along, unique gatherings or projects, intergenerational experiences, multilingual families
* Creative Problem Solving and Peace-Making
* Cooperative Games, Quizzes, Riddles, Puzzles
* Life as a Minority: Challenges and successes
* Living with and Understanding Disabilities
* Unforgettable Moments: Times of transformation or revelation.
* Inspirations or Role Models in your life
* Right Livelihood: Earning a living while helping the world.
* Technology: Its impacts on the planet.
* Sustainable Living: Our Mission, Purpose and Challenges. How can we care for the Earth and all its inhabitants?
* Nature: Unique ecology, resource conservation, endangered species, fighting pollution
* Taking Action: Reports of or suggestions for children's involvement in community, ecology or social justice; actions to improve the world
* Raising Caring Kids: What tools do we use? Improving self-awareness and self-esteem; encouraging creativity, non-violence and tolerance; being a role model
* Parent/Teacher Guide: Lesson plans, ideas, activities, experiences and suggestions.
* Any other multicultural, social, international or nature awareness theme that you wish to write about!

You can send us your submissions by snail mail or via E-mail with Word attachments).

Please to:

Managing Editor
Skipping Stones
P.O. BOX 3939
Eugene OR 97403-0939 USA

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