Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doce días de mis Krismas - Day 6

the Spanglich version
Posted each day beginning Dec. 15th

(Esa's voice in red; Ese's voice in black)

On the 6th día 'til mis Krismas
My true love gave to me,

6 misas' crying ...

"Vas conmigo a la misa?"
"You know I hate goin' to church. It's always so somber."
"It wouldn't kill ya to go the rest of these days. You only went once this year. Real Catholics are supposed to go more.".
"Nah, I'm thinking of converting, like maybe to Muslim, or Druid."
"Por qué?"
"Because maybe they let you have more no-shows than the Church."
"Bobo, that's not how you're supposed to decide."
"What--I'm supposed to decide rationally?"
"Course not. It's a matter of faith."
"But I got no faith."
"That's why you need to go, Ese--to find some."
"But, I do have a different kind o' faith."
"Like what?"
"I got faith that ... that ..."
"See what I mean?"
"I got faith that this is gonna be a great Krismas!"
"We got bills coming out the yin-yang, I got pressured into making 12 dozen tamales, your sobrino Pepito's stinkin' up the curtains and Rinócero's shedding like a Persian-gone-leper. Tell me what's so great."
"I wish you wouldn't call him that."
"Rinócero, Rinócero, Rinócero."
"No, I meant my sobrino. His name's Pepe."
"Pepito, Pepe--una rosa by any other name would smell as Pepito. So what about mass?"
"I'm thinkin'."
"Tell you what I'm thinkin'. I'm thinking you'd better go pray Pepito and Rinócero don't wind up out in the alley."
"So, what time's that mass start?"
"It starts right after you sweep up after Rinócero."
"I wish you wouldn't--."

(Continued on Day 5.)
© Rudy Ch. Garcia

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